Facts Concerning Contraception and Sexuality

1. The divorce rate for contracepting couples is 55%. For Natural Family Planning (NFP) couples it is <5%.[6] [8]

2. 75% of couples living together before marriage are divorced before their third year of marriage.[1] [8]

3. Child abuse, out of wedlock children, STDs, abortion, adultery, divorce, reports (% in studies) of spousal abuse; have all doubled or tripled since the contraceptive pill came on the market.[8]

4. Out of wedlock children in white couples has gone from 6% to 22% and in blacks has gone from 22% to 66% since the birth control pill came on the market.[8]

5. 25% of sexually active adults have Herpes (an STD/for life).[9]

6. 25% of women after their 1st case of chlamydia (STD)will be sterile for life, 50% after their 2nd case and nearly 100% after their third case.[4] [8] [9]

7. Birth control pills significantly increase a women’s chance of breast cancer, strokes, blood clots, heart attacks, and sterility.[5] [17]

8. Natural family planning has been shown in a study of 19,000 illiterate Indian women to have a pregnancy rate the same as that of the birth control pill.[13]

9. Condoms have an average failure rate of 15-30% against HIV.[10]

10. Despite the popular mantra that sexual counseling (i.e. in schools) will help prevent teen pregnancies one of the most costly courses at $4000 per student (More than was spent per student for general education!) resulted in an increase in fatherhood for the boys! A recent attempt at sexual education to reduce risky sexual behavior in homosexual men found a significant increase in STDs for those attending a full day workshop compared to a control group with no counseling (31% compared to 21%).[12] [16]

11. Groups representing 5,000 doctors have accused the Centers for Disease Control of withholding a study that shows that that condoms do not protect individuals from most sexually transmitted diseases.[11]

12. A survey of 100,000 women showed that married, church going women, especially those entering marriage with little or no sexual baggage, had the most satisfying sex lives of all women in America.[7]

13. Malthus’s overpopulation theories have proven to be dead wrong. The theorized exponential growth of the population with the linear growth of production has not occurred. The world population has increased from 1900-2000 from 1.6 billion to 6.2 billion while the world’s gross domestic product increased by 20-40x, making for vastly higher standards of living (Also predicted to go in the opposite direction by him). The UN reports that while population has some effect on water contamination and fisheries depletion; economic growth, technology, political instability, social inequity, and physical/economic access to food during famine are the greatest issues affecting stability, environment, and economic development. It is not often mentioned that one of the main principles he advocated was “a policy of moral restraint to keep population within manageable proportions”.[14] [15]

14. 8 out of 10 people with an STD do not know they have it.[3]

15. 2004-"14.3% sexually active girls in past year report suicide attempt compared to 5.1% sexually inactive. 6% sexually active boys attempted suicide versus 0.7% of sexually inactive boys (8 X higher rate)".[18]

16. Teens regret becoming sexually active. "72% of sexually active girls and 55% of sexually active boys said they wished they had waited longer".[18]


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