drugs/devices to eliminate conception

Contraception devices/drugs to block/eliminate the Gift of Life-thwart Conception

"I am the LORD, who made all things" (Isaiah 44:24)
"Thou...knit me together...Thou hast granted me life" (Job 10:11)

General Concepts:

Contraception defines as contra-against, inception-the beginning; against the beginning. There is nothing more intimate between a man and a woman than when they give totally of themselves as husband and wife, uniting in one flesh to co-create a new human being, a child. Their conjugal union has a unitive and procreative aspect. We come together from a deep natural desire to procreate as well as the need to deepen our companionship. These are intimately entwined in the conjugal act. “A man…clings to his wife, and the two of them become one body”. (Gen 2:24) The depth of the effects this conjugal union invokes is evidenced in immediate as well as long lasting psychological and hormonal changes that occur in both the male and female. Studies have connected these hormonal changes with emotional changes and changes in human behavior. [cs38] [cs59] These hormonal, emotional, and human behavioral influences often result in predictable good and bad human health issues as this page will document.

Man and woman unite in the conjugal act to produce a unique human at fertilization which generally occurs within 20 minutes of sexual activity, as soon as the man’s sperm joins with the woman’s egg. That human offspring can be defined as: the product of human reproduction, a human conceptus, an early human embryo, a human fetus (Latin for “baby”); and yes, a new human being. This human embryo’s development is programmed at fertilization from day one. (link) At day 8-14 implantation of that embryo onto the wall of the uterus occurs, and 1 week later at day 21 there is a heartbeat. From our very beginning at fertilization we are not just a "lump of tissue”.

The psychological and hormonal changes brought about by normal female cycling, pregnancy, and male and female sexual activity help explain the reasons for many of the problems caused by contraception. The unnatural levels of hormones ingested and taken up systemically by such contraceptives as the birth control pill, morning after pill, DepoProvera and the contraceptive patch make it easy to understand their toxic and unnatural effects on the body’s otherwise normal natural functioning. The blocking of any of the pro-creative aspects of the conjugal act either by hormones, by physical agents, or actions prohibits a true totality of the conjugal union which we are aware of in the very depths of our being. When elimination of an embryo occurs even seconds after fertilization it kills a new unique human being. Contraception adversely affects our relationship as man and woman, husband and wife.

This webpage will highlight a wide range of information on contraception that is not often presented. Those who make their living from contraception often withhold the full truth as some of the stark facts may make their patients understandably reluctant to use some of these harmful contraceptive methods. The following will cover some of contraception’s spiritual/ethical aspects, some of its history, how it legally came into being, concepts of natural sexual health and causes for sexual illness, contraceptive statistics, its methods and resultant illness, and conclude with a summation of the important issues. Hopefully it will be made very clear along the way how extreme the deviations from normal become as we move away from natural functioning to unnatural contraceptive methods. In the guise of freedom women have been sold a bill of goods that includes acceptance of almost all of the responsibility of regulation of births and pregnancy spacing with the resultant illness, social consequences, legal problems, heartache, mental health issues, and spiritual harm of contraception. Yes, men are harmed too, as is the man-woman relationship. Hopefully, the facts presented on this webpage will cause you to think more deeply about, or better yet pray more deeply about, the truth of contraception’s deleterious effects on us all and on our world.

Religious/Historical/Legal Aspects:

God blessed them, saying: “Be fertile and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it.”(Gen 1:28) The Bible most often discusses the inability to conceive as a problem as opposed to attempts not to conceive. Abraham and Sarah (Gen 17:17,19), Isaac and Rebekah (Gen 25:21), and Zechariah and Elizabeth (Luke:1:7,13). The mysterious life force, the gift of life, comes only from our Creator. The Bible states, “Lord God…blew into his nostrils…so man became a living being” and “God created man in his image”.(Gen 2:7; Gen 1:27) Man has never made one thing come alive. Sin is as old as Adam and Eve. It is simply the lack of love for God, our neighbor, or one’s self. It is interesting that right after Jesus talks about marriage and the sin of adultery he mentions children, “Let the children come to me; do not prevent them”. (Mark 10:14) Despite the opposition to birth control seen in the Bible and that held by all Christian religions and many other religions until the early 1900s, people often refuse to listen to their own faith traditions, but instead proceed by their own desires instead of God’s will for them.

One of the oldest contraceptive methods documented in the Bible was coitus interuptus. Poor Onan, struck dead by God for spilling his seed on the ground.(Gen 38:9-10) There are innumerable Bible passages concerning disordered sexual activity. There are 4 passages that use the Greek word pharinak or pharmakeia referring to drugs that most bible scholars believe refer to birth control mixtures as the same word is used in the first century in relationship to agents used to prevent or end pregnancies. Pharmakeia is paired up in these 4 passages with other sexual sins such as unchastity, licentiousness, orgies etc. Christians should take note that in 3 of the 4 passages there is Hell to pay for these sins and I quote “those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God”(Gal 5,19-21), “their lot is in the burning pool of fire and sulfur, which is the second death”(Rv 21,8), and “outside (the heavenly city) are the dogs, the sorcerers.”(Rv 22,15) [cg14] (link)

Contraception has become so commonplace that it often seems its only moral opponent is the Catholic Church. However, many in the Protestant faiths are beginning to again see its problems as they did before the 1900s. At that time ALL of Christendom was opposed to birth control, a point Charles Provan, a Protestant, makes in his book The Bible and Birth Control. [rs40] [cg32] He says on page 63: “Calvin thought that Birth Control was Murder”; “Luther viewed it as sodomy”; and “we have found not one orthodox theologian to defend Birth Control before the 1900’s. NOT ONE!” It was a young Protestant reformer that pushed for and helped successfully get passed into law the Comstock Act of 1873 which forbade the manufacture, distribution, sales, or possession of contraceptives and contraceptive information in the USA. The Anglican Church in 1930 at its Lambreth Conference opened the door to the acceptance of contraception when it confusingly declared that, “Where there is a clearly felt moral obligation to limit or avoid parenthood…The primary and obvious method is complete abstinence from intercourse…the Conference agrees that other methods may be used, provided that this is done in the light of…Christian principles”. [cs1-page4] At the Lambreth Conference of 1930 Anglican Bishop Charles Gore warned his fellow bishops that the acceptance of contraception was the opening of a Pandora’s box full of sexual and social evils including homosexual practices”. [cs1-page38] The secular Washington Post ran an editorial the next day saying, “Carried to its logical conclusion, the committee’s report, if carried into effect, would send a death-knoll of marriage as a holy institution by establishing degrading practices which would encourage indiscriminate immorality. The suggestion that the use of legalized contraceptives would be 'careful and restrained' is preposterous.” [cs1-page5] Are we there yet?

Medical scrolls describing contraceptive methods are in existence from 2700 B.C. in China and from 1850 B.C. in Egypt. Some of the agents that were inserted in the vagina included; oiled silk paper, sponges, gums, leaves, beeswax, or opium melted into disks. Ancient Greeks used a fennel plant called silphium which was imported into ancient Rome in such an amount that it became extinct. [cg14] Chemical Contraceptive methods have been used from ancient times and include such plants/drugs as pennyroyal, ergot, wild carrot, slippery elm, saffron, silphium (extinct or perhaps was a combination drug), eucalyptus, etc. None of these are necessarily safe or effective. They are the same agents used to try and induce abortions. They are thus abortifacients. [ag82] (link) Various objects were placed up in the womb to prevent pregnancy including pieces of metal and pebbles. We don’t put pebbles up in our wombs anymore like primitive man, we are civilized. We use sterilized plastic. The origin of the word "condom" is not known, but has been stated to refer to a Dr. Condom, physician for Charles the 2nd of France who provided him with the means to avoid illegitimate children. We can tie and burn women's fallopian tubes or men’s tubes (vases); we can give women hormonal agents by injection, on a device placed vaginally, by a patch on the skin, in plastic capsules pushed under the skin, or by pills taken post sexual activity. Not far from primitive man we still have coitus interuptus-the spilling of men’s seed.

Architect William Sanger, Margaret Sanger’s husband, successfully fought a charge of violating the Comstock Act for disseminating contraceptive information in 1915. It was held that contraceptive devices could be sold for the “cure and prevention of disease”. This is why until contraceptives became legal in the early 1960s condoms had to carry a label saying “for disease prevention only”. [cg7] The Sangers pressed further and won another court case in 1932 for the import of birth control devices. The court held that the federal government could not interfere with doctors providing contraception to their patients. The remnants of the Comstock Act of 1973’s law still tenuously stand against the mailing of obscene materials despite challenges by the ACLU (www) and others. For now it gives the legal establishment a window into and protection against child sex and pornography. Women may find it curiously interesting that there were trials originally with both male and female birth control pills. In the initial female studies 17% of the women had persistent severe nausea and vomiting and 3 died. This was considered acceptable without further investigation recommended. In the men’s study one male had slight testicular shrinkage and the study was immediately and permanently halted! [cg1]

Ethical/Social Aspects:

The most profound of many problems with contraceptive agents is that many are abortifacients; agents that cause abortion which include methods erroneously thought by some to have only contraception properties, i.e. birth control pills work this way at times, the morning after pill, Norplant, Depo-Provera, and IUDs. Estimates range from three to ten million aborted embryos that occur yearly in this country with the use of abortifacients. [ag82] (link) Early in the history of the IUD it was noted it did not act to prevent pregnancy/fertilization but instead inhibited implantation; it prevented the embryo from attaching to the uterine wall, causing it to be eliminated (aborted) and killed. Women were concerned about how it worked and felt like it caused an abortion, which it does. So, the American College of OBGYN (ACOG) changed the definition of pregnancy. All embryology textbooks have historically defined a pregnancy as beginning at the time of fertilization (link). After contraception was legalized ACOG changed the definition of the onset of pregnancy to the time of implantation. [ag8-Part4] This was the first of many lies to get contraception socially accepted and abortion legalized. Changing definitions does not change the facts that at fertilization a unique new human being comes into existence.

Contraceptive failure is the number one reason women give for wanting an abortion. [ag73] [cg3] [cg6] [cg11] [cg31] In the Planned Parenthood v. Casey decision (link) it states that there needs to be, “reliance on the availability of abortion in the event that contraception should fail.”[ag77] Planned Parenthood’s perpetual response is that we just need more contraception as well as more sex education. However, 58% of abortions were for contraceptive failure in the mid 1990’s and 54% in 2010 with the rest of the women stating they had used contraception in the past. [ag73] [cg1] Nearly 100% of women know about contraception. Our children are routinely assaulted with sex and contraception information in our public schools. Condom use has an 18-36% failure rate PER YEAR as shown in a number of studies. [cg33] Are parents going to abdicate moral teaching for their children to others? Have you looked around at the dangers in the world for them? Have you seen who it is that is trying to teach them a new ethics and what it is they are being taught? Wake up, get active, and protect your children, parents!

I had a woman in my medical practice with two daughters, 13 and 16 years old, both of whom I had helped deliver. She wanted contraception for them both. We discussed the sexual and contraception health problems that I further discuss below on this page. I could not help but think she would certainly grab their arms should they try and dash across a busy street. Teen sexual activity can be equally harmful and also includes spiritual harm. She fired me when I refused to comply with her wishes. She had unfortunately not received the letter I sent to all my patients on this issue. (link) It is mistakenly held that sexual freedom occurs with contraception and is a liberating right for women. In reality it is an imprisonment for women that opens them up to abuse by men and an enslavement to divorce, poverty, out of wedlock children, physical/sexual abuse, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), abortion, illness from contraceptives, and unplanned pregnancies. Unplanned pregnancies are the only natural and normal result from sexual activity out of all of these (see information below also). (link) [cg1] [cg8] [cs37] [cs48]

It is a true paradox that modern health and politically conscious women often seek organic foods at a higher price, campaign and organize for a clean environment, politically demand the same autonomous rights as men have, and have the unique ability to both create and internally nurture new human life. Yet, these same women acquiesce to being the partner that takes the toxic medications, uses the harmful techniques, and assumes most of the harmful consequences of birth control? Birth control pills totally override a woman’s natural and normal hormonal functioning, pollute the environment to the extreme of causing hermaphroditic fish in the rivers [ci50], and have major detrimental health care consequences as will be shown below. Women have demanded not to be sex objects but with the advent of readily available contraception have opened themselves up for sex on demand. Some churches have been unjustly criticized as appearing to portray sex as dirty. In reality most of these churches have preached the true beauty and exaltedness of the sexual/conjugal union. It is our culture that often reduces sex to the gutter level and in the process disrespects women as well as men. The result is a reduction in the dignity of all life especially God’s divine gift of life-human life. Contraception has helped grease yet another one of the slippery slopes of deteriorating cultural morality as well as degrading our human dignity.

Sexual Health-Normal Functioning:
(Abstinence) (NFP)

Normal monthly ovulation fertility cycles in a woman are natural and they make her feel healthy. Women and men have complex hormonal functioning in the normal state which impacts their general feeling of well-being. Women, and the men married to them, know very well the normal cyclical physical and emotional changes that take place on a monthly basis with the natural fertility cycle (menstrual cycle). It is designed to prepare for the possibility of creating and supporting new life. Within 1-14 hours of sexual activity an early embryo can form, a conceptus, a new unique human life. That child and each child thereafter reduce a woman’s risk of breast, ovarian, uterine, and colorectal cancer. [ci35] [ci59] [ci60] ALL hormonal contraceptive agents totally change a woman’s normal natural hormonal pattern that can affect her health as well as her feeling of well being

A number of hormones can also be measured that increase or decrease with sexual activity which can further be pegged to changes in behavior and human action. Similar changes have been shown in other animals. However, humans are a considerable step above lower animals with an intellect and conscience that helps allow them to say yes or no to sexual activity. The decisions we make in this regard significantly affect our lives for the better or worse. The most important of these hormones so far that is connected to sexual activity are oxytocin and vasopressin. Oxytocin is released in the human brain during; 1. labor and delivery, 2. breast-feeding, and 3. sexual arousal-rising three fold with male sexual climax. Vasopressin is released with sexual activity in males and promotes pair-bonding, parental tendencies, and a protective urge (jealousy and territorial). [cs38] [cs59] Fatherhood induces hormonal changes in men that may help explain their resultant “better health, drinking less, and lower substance usage.” [cs43] Oxytocin and Vasopressin are considered the “bonding” hormones. Oxytocin levels are heightened by pleasant relationship experiences and reduced by anxiety and negative memories such as from bad relationship experiences. Numerous bad experience memories can permanently reduce oxytocin levels and the desire for long term bonding. The studies cited above have shown some fascinating findings that help us understand and explain the reasons for some of our pathological human behavior caused by erratic sexual activity and some of the negative effects brought about by contraception.

Then there is the story of Austin, the dominant male monkey on an island with nine females. He mated repeatedly with his three favorite females. Two were given DepoProvera and he lost interest in them and replaced them with two other females. When the DepoProvera wore off in three months he returned to them. All nine females were injected with DepoProvera and he began to “rape, masturbate, and behave in a turbulent and confused manner”. [cs58] [cg1] Artificial contraceptive hormones (DepoProvera, Birth Control Pills, etc.) put women in a “chemically pregnant” type state which abnormally suppresses ovulation so they cannot get pregnant. They have less sexual libido as they produce less testosterone which is a source of a female’s sex drive. They are in a “chemically pregnant” state not feeling stimulated to seek more sex to get pregnant. These changes may not be reversible on coming off the pill! [ci30] [ci33] [ci35] [ci58] Pregnant females and these “chemically pregnant females do not exude the same pheromones as fertile females, and hence their own libido but also the interest that males exhibit declines.” [cs58] Lionel Tiger reports that pheromones were the likely agents involved in a study which compared desirable men-healthy, aggressive, responsible; to a group of less desirable men-unable to hold a job, less healthy, etc. Non-contracepting women and contracepting women were asked to smell the t-shirts worn by these men all day and choose the best men. The non-contracepting women chose the “desirable men” and the contracepting women chose the less desirable men! [cs58] [cs46] [cg1]

The number one reason for women getting off oral contraceptives is depression. [ci11] [ci24] [ci34] [ci57] [cg1] Other side effects include decreased sex drive/libido, weight gain, and irritability. In “Contraception: Why Not” Dr. Janet Smith ironically points out that women and men surely both want a woman who is fat, depressed, irritable, and with less sex drive! [cg1] Teens regret becoming sexually active with “72% of sexually active girls and 55% of sexually active boys saying they wished they had waited longer”. [cs48] [cs37] The numbers of teens remaining abstinent, virgins, is much higher than implied by the mass media or Planned Parenthood. [cs41] [cs42] [cs44] A government study in 2010 showed 58% of girls and 57% of boys who had never-married had remained virgins. [cs61] [cs40] A big payoff for those waiting for sex beyond high school; completing at least one more year of schooling, incomes 20% higher, and a 50% lower divorce rate than those having sex in or before high school. [cs61] A study comparing those waiting for sex until marriage compared with those who did not wait reported a relationship stability of 22% higher, relationship satisfaction of 20% higher, communication being 12% better, and sexual quality 15% better for those waiting. [cs45] A survey of 100,000 women showed married, church going women, especially those entering marriage with little or no sexual baggage, had the most satisfying sex lives of all women in America.” [cs6]


Chastity/abstinence is 100% effective in STD and unintended pregnancy prevention! As noted above it reduces the drug use, depression, and suicide risk in teenagers, later divorce rates, has higher educational achievement results, and offers better future relationship satisfaction and stability. [cs19] [cs20] [cs48] [cs65] [cs66] Continuing to hold strong religious beliefs helps protect virginity past 18 years old. [cs33] One study showed that men and women who were virgins at age 18 had half the rate of divorce and had annual incomes 20% higher than those who did not. [ca3] The successful reduction in HIV in Uganda by 80% has been attributed totally to their ABC program; abstain (sex) before marriage, be faithful after, condoms rarely/only as absolutely needed. [ca2] [ca6]

“The American College of Pediatricians strongly endorses abstinence-until-marriage sex education and recommends adoption of abstinence education by all school systems in lieu of “comprehensive sex education”.” [ca4] They note in this document that “few sexually active teens”…"remain emotionally unscathed”. They state that children 5 to 8 years old should not be taught “definitions of sexual intercourse and masturbation”. Nor should teens be given comprehensive programs emphasizing safer sex with “sexually erotic material”…”with explicit condom demonstrations” which “break down natural barriers” to “sexual activity and encourage experimentation”. A study that proves their point comes from the New York school districts with a $4000 per student per year comprehensive sex education program, more than was spent on the children’s education, which did not reduce sexual risk taking with the boys in the program MORE likely to become fathers. [cs34]

Planned Parenthood and its representatives claim abstinence does not work. They are dead wrong and many studies show they are wrong. A “Sex Can Wait” program at the University of Arkansas showed students “more likely to remain virgins and to have a commitment to abstinence” than other students. [ca1] An abstinence program in South Carolina showed a reduction from 61/1000 to 25/1000 rate of teen pregnancy within just 5 years in females 14 to 17 years old. [ca7] The “Not Me, Not Now” program in New York reports “intercourse by age 15” numbers dropping from 46.6% to 31.6% and adolescent pregnancy numbers from 63.4% to 45.6%. [ca10] In our nation’s capital, the District of Columbia, there is the highly successful “Best Friends” program. Comparing all students(A) to “Best Friends”(BF) students who had not by the eighth grade smoked, used drugs, drank alcohol, or had sex; not smoked: (A) 38.7% - (BF) 72.8%; not used drugs: (A) 71% - (BF) 92.4%; not drank alcohol: (A) 37.3% - (BF) 65.6%; not had sex: (A) 66.8% - (BF) 91.5%. [ca8] [ca5] [cs34] So why are we undermining our children by allowing sex demonstrations such as condoms on a banana in our schools when our children are telling us they want to wait to have sex? These abstinence programs work and get far less of our tax money than the number one abortion provider and sex educator in the country, Planned Parenthood. Have we lost our common sense? Our children and we are suffering because of what we are allowing them to go through.

Natural Family Planning (NFP) is as it says; a totally natural way of enabling couples to plan families without the use of harmful devices and medications. It has well established medically proven methods for achieving pregnancy in fertile and infertile couples and for the regulation of births, pregnancy spacing. The real truth of NFP’s unintended pregnancy numbers may surprise many as they are as low as if not better than all other reversible methods, i.e. contraception. The use of NFP for achieving pregnancy in infertile women results in pregnancy rates far higher than that able to be obtained by other methods including In-Vitro Fertilization. It avoids the lower than normal pregnancy rates that occur upon discontinuation of contraception. [ci7] In summary, NFP achieves higher rates of pregnancy than any technique in couples desiring children and yet is as effective, if not more so, as any type of contraception available for the spacing of children. [nf7] [nf8] [nf9] [nf10] [nf21]

Sexual Health-Illness:

“You are going to try and scare us with statistics“, you might say. Ok, yes I am, by giving you the truth which can be scary. For sexually active teenagers versus those not sexually active how does a SUICIDE rate for girls nearly 3X higher and for boys nearly 8X (not 8%) higher strike you? [cs48] It was thought that depression leads to risky behavior like sex and drug use, but we now know those connections are reversed. Sexual activity and drug use lead to depression which can lead to suicide. [cs19] [cs20] [cs65] [cs66] Sexual activity is occurring in younger ages and even at school. [cs24] [cs23] [cs25] [cs35] It is encouraged by the mass media [cs36] and by such organizations as the UN with their “Sex Manifesto” for children. [cs30] [cs31] Planned Parenthood, the school system, and the media make it seem young people are eager to have sex. On the contrary many teens feel peer pressure to have sex, [cs28] have been forced into having sex, [cs53] and most of them wished they had waited. [cs48] [cs37] Perhaps we should support them with sex avoidance programs rather than having them assaulted with sex oriented programs.

Gardasil needs mentioned as it has been pushed on us and our children as a vaccine designed to potentially protect women (and men) from the sexual illness of HPV, human papilloma virus. However, it has been shown by studies to offer little to prevent cervical cancer, has resulted in 44 deaths so far in those receiving the vaccine, and there have been 2000 patients with side effects including nausea, dizziness, blurred vision, and convulsions/ seizures. [cs8] [cs9] There is no data that it remains effective beyond five years, or that it is effective in younger girls. Those trials on our young children have not happened and should not as they are unethical. [cs10]

One in four teenage girls has an STD! [cs16] [cs48] There are three million cases of Chlamydia yearly for which 25% of those women will then be sterile. Sterility rises to 50% with the second infection and nearly 100% after the third. [cs37] [cg1-classic] “The major cause of infertility is sexually transmitted illness” which has risen over 600% since 1970. [cg1-revised] [cs15] [cs17] [cs22] [cs26] [cs32] [cs63] [cs64] After all, the 50% of teens with an unplanned pregnancy who have had sex education classes have been shown not to be using protection or contraception. [cs47] Some other statements from a teen survey; “I trusted my partner to pull out“ (44%), "had unprotected sex" (74%), “how often did you use contraception or protection when you had sex?” (43%), and “sex feels better without protection” (39%). [cs29] STD and unplanned pregnancy numbers continue to rise despite our teens knowing about contraception and supposed methods to protect from STDs (unreliable condoms). [cs57]

Planned Parenthood continues to argue for more sex education and contraceptives for our youth as this is how they make a living. However, sex education studies actually show an increased activity with that education. Prior education increases the odds of sexual activity 1.5x, [cs68] and prior exposure to sex education is significantly associated with initiation of sexual activity at ages 15 and 16. [cs51] In three models of sex education tested; in the comprehensive model (full contraception advice) 47% of the children became sexually active, in the biology model (just the facts about sex) 24% became sexually active, and in the no sex education only 28% became sexually active. [cs53] The casual sexual behavior promoted in the USA has lead us to early death and disability numbers triple that in any other country. [cs49] In lieu of the above presented data, the condoms on banana demonstration we allow our children to go through at school should seem a lot less amusing.

Contraception Statistics:

There are over one million abortions yearly in the USA. In March 2014 there were 85 million women in the United States between 10 and 50 years old. Let’s broadly count them in the child bearing-contraception age. This is an overly broad range and number of “women of fertility” and also does not subtract the number of women in this age group unable to have children. Even with this overly broad range it means at the very least one out of every 85 women in the United States has an abortion yearly! Most of these abortions occur as documented above as a result of failed contraception.

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, unintentionally revealed years ago the fundamental and inherent problems of contraception in a statement of hers on contraception where she highlighted, “Contraception must be available to sever the undesirable natural connection between sex and procreation, and abortion must be available to clean up what contraception misses.” Contraception's fundamental problems are the desire for an unnatural severing of the natural connection between sex and procreation, the fact that it will always have a failure rate, and that abortion is the natural result of failed contraception. [ag73] [cg3] [cg6] [cg11]

The irony is that contrary to the erroneous thought that with more contraceptive availability and sex education abortion numbers will be reduced it has not proven to be so. Instead contraception’s increased availability has resulted in abortion numbers going up. True headline, “Study: Contraception use up, abortions double,; researchers can’t figure out why.” [cg3] Perhaps use some common sense; the more casual sex one has the greater likelihood there will be of pregnancy, contraception use notwithstanding.” [cg3] Yes, abortion is the natural result of failed contraception and with abortion’s legalization for failed contraception abortion numbers have gone way up, sexually transmitted illness rates have gone way up, and paradoxically contraceptive use rates have gone down. “Liberal abortion laws with wider abortion availability actually encourage more and riskier sexual behavior and discourages people from using contraceptives”. “By lowering the cost of sexual activity, legalized abortion leads individuals to engage in more sex and use condoms less often.” This is shown by the fact that “abortion legalization led to an increase in gonorrhea and syphilis rates…by as much as 25 percent.” [cg11]

So, what are the failure rates of contraception after years of condoms on a banana demonstrations for our youngest of children and the readily available modern devices and chemicals with bowls of condoms just about everywhere? There are failure rates, unintended pregnancy rates, yearly of 29% using spermicides only, 16-32% with the sponge, 16% with the diaphragm, 16% with the cervical cap, and 15% with condoms. These failure rates show even greater percentages in younger ages. There is an 8% failure rate yearly with the patch;i.e.Ortho Evra; vaginal ring;i.e.NuvaRing; mini-pill, and birth control pill. There is a 21% unintended pregnancy rate, contraceptive failure rate, for those women using contraception who are less than 18 years old. [cg6] [cg33] If the predicted failure rate in condoms is just 15% per year that equates to a 56% failure rate in 5 years and 80% in 10 years! We seem surprised that we cannot get the contraception failure rates down in our teenagers but Janet Smith explains the obvious, “teenagers are as good at using contraception as they are at picking up their room.” [cg1-classic]

With the advent of contraception in the early 1960s the arguments for its legality included; its ability to lower the divorce rates, that there would be only wanted children born, and that there would be less spousal abuse, less child abuse, less STDs, and fewer abortions. In 1960, before legal contraception, 3% of white babies and 22% of black babies were born out of wedlock. In 2003 with tons of contraception used and after millions of abortions 24% of white babies and 86% of black babies were born out of wedlock. Child abuse, spousal abuse, STDs, adultery, and divorce have all doubled or tripled. Co-habitation has increased 10 fold. Estimated abortion numbers for the early 1960s were several thousand with an estimate of 25,000 in 1969 [cg1] [cg3] [cg4] [cg8] [cg11] which is a far cry from the over 1 million performed yearly now. The number one reason women give to get an abortion is contraception failure. [ag73] [cg3] [cg6] [cg11] [cg31] All the reasons given for legalizing contraception have failed the test of time.

The present divorce rate is now about 50%. In the 1960s about 25% of marriages ended in divorce but between 1965 to 1975 divorce more than doubled for the first time in human history to 50%. A social scientist/economist then at the University of Stanford named Robert Michael looked at the numbers and showed that divorce numbers linearly increased as contraception legality spread across the United States. [cg1-classic] Contraception’s devastating effects go beyond couples to national concerns. “Before 2050, 80% of the world population will be projected to have below-replacement fertility.” [pc4] The president of the European Commission warned in 2001 that nearly one-third of pension systems in Europe will likely collapse by 2050. Do we need to rethink what we are doing with contracepting ourselves out of existence? Robert Michael has also shown that couples who have one to two babies in the first few years of marriage have the longest marriages and the most stable long term finances. [cg1-revised] What a surprise! Children, rather than condoms, to strengthen marriage, personal finances, and potentially the stability of the world.

Contraception Methods/Illness:
(Hormonal Agents) (Condoms) (Emergency Contraception)
(for method-specific information see separate page-link)

Hormonal Agents-General Information
ALL hormonal contraceptive agents totally change the normal natural female hormonal pattern. Women end up feeling like they are pregnant as that is what the hormones simulate. These women then ovulate sporadically if at all. Hormonal medications used for contraception include ethinyl estradiol and progesterone agents, either progestin or levonorgestrel. They generally have 3 mechanisms of action as noted in the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR) description for Yaz, “(1) lower the risk of becoming pregnant primarily by suppressing ovulation. Other possible mechanisms may include (2) cervical mucus changes that inhibit sperm penetration and the (3) endometrial changes that reduce the likelihood of implantation”. [rs42-scroll to mechanism of action]Reduce the likelihood of implantation” means that if a woman ovulates a new human embryo can be formed and that new human embryo is then sloughed/killed.

ALL hormonal contraceptive agents work as abortifacients at times. This is from breakthrough ovulation and then sloughing of the new embryo because the medication causes the womb lining to be unreceptive to the embryo-“reduce the likelihood of implantation”. Ovulation occurs 2-10% of the time on combined BCPs, 30-65% of the time on the mini pill (progestin only pills), 45% of the time with the progetin lined IUD (Mirena) after 1 year and 75% after 5 years, and 40-60% of the time with Norplant or DepoProvera. [cg1-revised] [cg8] [ci10] [ci11] [ag82] (link-abortifacient math) This sloughing and killing of new life, a new human being, is the grievous aspect of hormonal contraception and IUDs.

Hormonal agents come as pills (birth control pill-BCP) such as Ortho Novum, Plan B, and Yaz, as injections such as DepoProvera, rings periodically inserted in the vagina such as NuvaRing, patches applied to the skin such as Ortho Evra, and IUDs with the same hormonal type agents coating them such as Mirena. Plan B is recommended only for emergency contraception but women are using it repeatedly as non drug company critics warned would happen. [cg12] From 30-60% of women discontinue hormonal agents for various reasons by one year except for the slightly less 20% discontinuation rate with IUDs. Most of the time discontinuation numbers occur because of the side effects and illnesses caused by these agents/methods which are described below.

Some argue that hormonal agents are beneficial as they can help manage women’s irregular fertility cycles when they are abnormal. While this is true it only occurs by overriding the woman’s cycle with these unnatural hormones used in unnatural amounts. A more precise professional approach is offered by Dr. Hilgers of the Paul VI Institute who has spent his career carefully researching and treating women by correcting their hormonal balance to that of a normal cycle. [nf4] [nf5] [nf6]

There are significant side effects associated with hormonal contraception. The major ones will be grouped here and also with the specific contraception methods on a separate page. (link) The abortifacient [ci6] [ci10] [ci11] [ag82] (link) problem has been mentioned. There are environmental pollution concerns from the large amounts of hormones entering our water system with intersex fish changes already noted. [ci6] [ci50] Dr. Djerassi the developer of the birth control pill and now one of its harshest critics warns of its population devastation effects and male infertility from the above mentioned environmental pollution. [ci6] Fertility reduction numbers in the USA and the world portend large problems ahead [ag82] (link) Sadly, women use contraception until they age themselves past their biological ability to have children. [cs54] They have often used hormonal contraception to be freely sexually active but these medications can permanently reduce the sexual drive [ci58] and result in significant depression reducing their sex drive even more. [ci24] [ci24] [ci57]

Other significant hormonal contraception induced illnesses include the increased risk of spreading herpes to another person, [ci29] [ci61] breast lumps from proliferative breast disease which are felt to be a precursor for breast cancer, [ci25] ischemic stokes (1.9x higher on BCPs), [ci21] and multiple sclerosis. [ci56] While on BCPs there is a 2x higher heart attack rate, stroke risk is tripled with 7x the death rate if a woman smoked in her 20s. There is increased blood clot risk. [ci11] [ci17] [ci18] [ci22] [ci23] [ci32] [ci44] [ci47] Blood clots are especially worrisome for women over 40 years old, obese, smoking, and who have migraines. [ci5] They occur at higher rates from all hormonal agents with the newer progesterone agents being the most risky. [ci43] [ci45] [ci46] Blood clot risk is 5x higher with older progestins and 6-9x with newer ones. The tendency is for women to say, “Yeah, but that will not be me.” I had about a 3000 patient panel and during my 25 years in practice had 2 young women with full strokes caused by the BCP. One woman was in her mid 20s and the other in her mid 30’s. Strokes, heart attacks, and cancer happen to real people and when they do they are occurring in that person at the 100% level.

The most serious consequence of hormonal contraception is cancers shown to be associated with its use! The world health organization declared oral contraceptives a group 1 carcinogen which is the highest classification of carcinogenicity. [ci11] [ci42] Hormonal contraceptive agents are associated with prostate and bladder cancer in male children, [ci31] cervical cancer [ci24] [ci11] [ci14] [ci16] [ci28] with that risk increased to 430% above normal in DepoProvera if used for 5 years. [ci14] Ovarian cancer is increased regardless of route (injection, patch, pill), the formulation, the progestin type, the estrogen dose, or the duration of use! [ci27] Liver cancer was almost unheard of in the 15-40 year old group before oral contraceptives were proven to be associated with its use. [ci11] [ci14] [ci20] The risk of dying from lung cancer is significantly increased for small cell lung cancer if there is any history of oral contraceptive use. [ci26]

Breast cancer is and should be the scariest associated illness with hormonal contraception. Breast cancer is the most common cancer second to skin cancer and is the second leading cause of death from cancer in women. It has been absolutely proven that combination estrogen/progesterone in hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) in postmenopausal women was associated with an increased breast cancer risk. [ci37] [ci51] [ci52] These contained estrogen and progesterone similar to the ones in oral contraceptives. Within the first two years after stopping this treatment regimen a drop in breast cancer incidence could be seen and the decrease continued at a 5% reduction per year. [ci38] There are innumerable studies showing a significant causal link of hormonal contraceptives to breast cancer, [ci2] [ci14] [ci15] [ci16] [ci23] [ci24] [ci36] [ci39] [ci40] [ci41] [ci62] one showing a return to normal risk only after 10 years from stopping the BCP. [ci3] Some specific points in studies show; (1) “Women who started using hormonal contraceptives before age 18 have a 90 percent increased risk of any breast cancer and a 370 percent increased risk for “triple negative” breast cancer, a particularly aggressive form responsible for about 10-17 percent of all cases in the USA. (2) Women who use hormonal contraceptives before their first birth are at 44 percent increased risk of breast cancer. (3) Women who use contraceptives 11 years or longer are at a 210 percent increased risk of breast cancer. For perspective, this same study found smoking, a well known carcinogen, increased breast cancer risk just 25 percent in the same study population.” [ci11] [ci14]

Let us summarize hormonal contraceptive problems; abortion as a mechanism of action, significantly increased blood clot-stroke-heart attack risk, and precancerous proliferative breast disease. The hormonal contraception cancer problems include; BCPs being classified a group 1 carcinogen by the world health organization, prostate and bladder cancer in male children, liver cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, increased small cell lung cancer death rate, and significantly increased breast cancer numbers. Since there are similar child spacing and pregnancy numbers with totally natural NFP compared to hormonal contraceptive agents and much better fertility numbers with NFP when children are wanted, why would anyone take the risks of hormonal contraception? Totally natural versus totally dangerous; it should be a no brainer.


Oh my goodness, the problems with condoms. The most frequent argument in their defense is that using a condom is better than not using one. Even with religious and ethics objections aside, is that really true? Is it true concerning unplanned pregnancies, STDs, and the stability of the relationship? “The two of them” certainly do not “become one body”, one flesh when they have a piece of rubber inbetween them.(Gen 2:24) Have you talked to folks who use condoms or do you use them? Just physically speaking, is there something missing? Please pardon my crudeness but with no unitive AND no procreative aspect of the sexual act with condoms, the sexual act really amounts to mutual masturbation. This lack of anything close to full totality of union, the conjugal union, is known by the partners physically but they also are quite aware to the very depths of their being that something is missing.

In perfect use ideal laboratory studies the condom has a failure rate of 15% against HIV. If it were Russian roulette every seventh pull of the trigger kills. If the failure rate in condoms is just 15% per year your statistcal chances lead to a 56% failure rate in 5 years and 80% in 10 years! This is for the deadly HIV virus! Its failure rate is much higher in actual use. For syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and herpes the failure rate for even the perfect use ideal laboratory environment is 50% which equates to almost 100% over 5 years of sexual activity. [cg35] A survey showed that in those with known genital herpes infection a condom was used in casual sex only 35% of the time and when the partners had a long-term relationship just 10% of the time. [cg10] Perhaps “Not having Casual Sex is Healthier than Having it” is a safer and wiser slogan than “Using a Condom is Better than Not using one.”

The UN, WHO, and other world authorities admit that one of the few major successes so far in the HIV battle is in Uganda. Uganda’s efforts have reduced the HIV occurrence rates by 50%. They went from 21% to 6% in pregnant women while condom pushing Botswana went up to 38% infectivity rate for their pregnant population. How did Uganda do it? The Harvard study that reported it says, “Much of the program’s success is due to the nation’s willingness to look beyond the sexual revolution and into their past sexual practices before the adoption of corrupt western sexual mores.” [cg27] [cg24] A perfect use 15% condom failure rate per year with HIV virus around wipes out the child bearing population. The millions of condoms sent to Africa are usually at the end of their normal life-span and are often stored in 120 degree temperature warehouses. The Catholic Church and Uganda have both shown that condoms are not the answer to the HIV problem in Africa, or anywhere else for that matter. A program to place condoms machines in India’s Capital met with fierce Muslim resistance. “Don’t ruin our culture. Remove these machines.” the people yelled. [cg25] They, Uganda, and the Catholic Church are religiously, culturally, ethically as well as empirically correct. [cg22] [cg26]

In a study of 158 Indiana University male students: all who had worn a condom once in the last 3 months; 6/10 did discuss condom use with their partner before sex; but 42% did not have one; 43% said they used them but did not put them on until after sex had begun; 15% took it off before finishing; 1 in 3 had them tear or slip off during sex; 1 in 3 lost erections with them on; 4 out of 10 did not leave room at the end causing spillage of semen (sperm); 30% initially put them on inside out; not allowing them to unroll properly, flipping them around later. Jon Knowles of Planned Parenthood replied to the article, “The condom is really a good thing, very effective. You have to use it correctly. Boys don’t ask for directions.” [cg2] The facts do not match his rhetoric. There are innumerable studies and articles that document the problems with condoms. [cg2] [cs5] [cg16] [cg17] [cg18] [cg19] [cg20] [cg21] [cg22] [cg23] [cg24] [cg25] [cg26] [cg27] [cg28] [cg29] [cg30]

I walked into the office of a colleague, a vigorous contraception advocate, a few years ago as she was talking on the phone to a patient. She said, “Well I talked with you about always using a condom…..Well they don’t always work 100%…..Yes, there really is no cure for Herpes.” I started whispering in her ear, “And you will have it for life. It can harm your baby at birth, it can come up often making your life miserable, and it will always be there to interfere with any real solid relationship you want” at which point she made one of those hand signs in front of my face that is composed of all the fingers closed except one. It is contraception’s classic response to the truth.

Emergency Contraception-EC
(Plan B) (Ella-the 5 day abortifacient pill- covered elsewhere-link)
The morning after pill is supposed to be taken within 72 hours of sexual activity. The claim that it does not interfere with a pregnancy, the early embryo, is unfounded and does not jive with known embryology (fertilization) timing. Within 30 minutes to 12 hours from sexual activity fertilization generally occurs, as soon as the man’s sperm joins with the woman’s egg. [cs69] This pill is usually taken the next day or many hours after the sexual encounter. Although sperm can live for 5 days and ovulation can occur after sexual activity this medication’s main mechanism of action is its abortifacient effect. [ce1] [ce6] [ce8] Over 1.5 million morning after pill prescriptions were given out in 2013 by Planned Parenthood. Abotifacient/abortion medication (RU-486, Ella) now accounts for 25% to 35% of all abortions. 11% of sexually active women have used Plan B and the numbers of abortions it truly causes cannot be exactly determined. [ce14] Abortion is a violent act even if just considered at the microscopic level such as caused by the mechanism of action of the morning after pill.

Is Plan B working as planned? No, it is not at all. Supporters initially claimed that having easier access and having the medication on hand would result in a greater than “50% reduction in abortion numbers” and reduced unintended pregnancies. [ce22] Plan B is now known to be less than 60% effective. [ce18] Over 23 studies have shown that it does not reduce pregnancies or abortion. [ce19] [ce22] It not only failed to reduce unintended pregnancies but studies show that the only thing that has been enhanced is this drugs use and its sales. [ce3] [ce5] [ce20] [ce16] [ce19] 10 studies have shown that by having it on hand there is actually an increased use of 2-3 fold despite recommendations that it not be used routinely for birth control. [ce22] By enhancing its use women are repeatedly taking medication with 50x the strength of regular birth control pills [ce6] Over 40% who have used it have used it more than once. [ce11] [ce21] Planned Parenthood and other abortion supporters pushed for and won FDA approval for its over the counter availability and for use in ages as young as 15 despite not being tested in girls that young of age. [ce18] A particularly worrisome aspect is that 1/5 of these teenage women seeking EC tested positive for an STD. [cs14] [cs62] With one in four teenage girls presently with an STD [cs16] [cs48] it means that easy home availability of EC will allow these young girls to remain out of the organized medical system and their STD to remain untreated. As noted above; with chlamydia there is a 25% sterility rate with one infection, 50% with the second, and nearly 100% with a third!

A difficult, debatable ethical dilemma is the use of EC in cases of rape. The abortifacient effect is one problem as is the need to care for these women. EC is not without side effects; nausea(23.1%), abdominal pain(17.6%), fatigue(16.9%), headache(16.8%), heavier menstrual bleeding(13.8%), dizziness(11.2%), breast tenderness(10.7%), vomiting(5.6%), and diarrhea(5%). Data from rapes in Pennsylvania before the morning after pill came along shows just how rare a post rape pregnancy is with no pregnancies in the 5000 rape cases studied. [ag80] There would at least need to be informed consent about EC’s side effects as well as the abortifacient aspects of EC. The only post rape study available showed that post rape women felt like they had been assaulted again by undergoing an abortion and were sorry they had aborted their children. [ag53] [ag67]

My best doctor’s advice for those who are being casually sexually active, the majority of users of Plan B, is to stick with Plan A, do not end up at Plan B. Plan A-abstinence which is 100% effective protection against STDs, unintended pregnancies, abortion nightmares, being sexually abused, increased suicide risk, etc.


Sex offers the co-creative potential of the gift of life. It is ironic that the great deceiver Satan uses this same powerful force through our concupiscence to coerce us to block and destroy life by contraceptive sterility. We sadly and mistakenly believe contraception allows us to separate the unitive aspect from the unfortunately unwanted procreative aspect of the sexual act. However, we cannot truly separate them as they are intrinsically bound by nature. The attempt to do so through contraception comes at a far steeper cost than most people can even imagine. Men and women are divided by and suffer because of contraception’s physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences. Contraception “facilitates sex outside marriage, increases the incidence of STDs, leads to unintended pregnancies and single parenthood, causes and leads to abortion, and contributes to the divorce rate”. [cg1-revised] Its reduction in fertility numbers threatens the well-being of nations. [pc6] [pc14] [pc28] It has helped degrade medical ethics and helped erode our personal and cultural character. Contraception’s elimination of the gift of life comes with the cost of life itself for children and for us the life of our soul.



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